In 2023, the realm of commercial flooring is experiencing thrilling shifts, marked by pioneering trends that influence both the appearance and utility of business environments. Let's delve into the most prominent trends anticipated to reign over commercial flooring in Auckland this year.

Biophilic Design Integration:

Bringing the outdoors in continues to be a major trend, and commercial spaces are embracing biophilic design through flooring choices. Natural patterns, earthy tones, and materials like stone or wood-effect tiles contribute to a more harmonious and nature-inspired ambiance.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Dominance:

LVT is rapidly gaining traction, poised for a significant surge in popularity throughout 2023. Capitalizing on technological advancements, LVT now offers exceptionally realistic wood and stone aesthetics coupled with heightened durability, positioning it as the top choice for high-traffic commercial spaces.

Terrazzo Renaissance:

Terrazzo, a traditional flooring material, is making a comeback in modern commercial spaces due to its versatility in design, vibrant color options, and durable nature. This resurgence adds a touch of timeless elegance to contemporary interiors.

Bold Patterns and Geometric Designs:

Commercial spaces are becoming bolder in their flooring choices, incorporating eye-catching patterns and geometric designs. From herringbone to chevron, these dynamic layouts contribute to a visually stimulating environment, making a memorable impression on visitors.

Mix-and-Match Flooring Styles:

2023 sees a departure from uniformity as businesses embrace the mix-and-match trend. Combining different flooring styles in various sections of a space adds visual interest and allows for creative zoning, enhancing the overall design aesthetic.

Resilient Flooring for Wellness:

The emphasis on workplace well-being is on the rise, with flooring playing a pivotal role. Resilient flooring choices like rubber or cork offer underfoot comfort, noise reduction, and ergonomic support, fostering a healthier and more productive environment.

Customization and Branding:

In commercial settings, flooring is becoming a canvas for branding. Tailored patterns, logos, and color schemes enable businesses to establish a distinctive identity within their physical space, strengthening & encouraging brand recognition.

Concrete Chic:

The industrial chic of polished concrete continues to be a prominent trend in commercial flooring. Its minimalist charm, durability, and effortless maintenance position it as the preferred choice for modern businesses aiming for an urban and sophisticated ambiance.

Smart Flooring Solutions:

In 2023, technology integration reaches the realm of flooring through the emergence of smart flooring solutions. Businesses are embracing innovative approaches, incorporating interactive floor displays and energy-efficient options to enhance functionality and dynamism in their spaces.


In 2023, Best commercial flooring in Auckland is characterized by a seamless integration of sustainability, aesthetics, and functionality. Businesses are using flooring options to not only improve visual appeal but also align with current trends & values, whether through nature-inspired designs or cutting-edge technology. This evolution caters to the varied needs of modern businesses.

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